This game is under development for the 7DRL 2021 (7DRLx17)

Summary: The bullet point description is:

  • techno glitchy apocolypse wasteland
  • survive in a post apoc world.
  • keep warm, get food, go into towns and bunker systems to get supplies.
  • try not to get too irradiated.
  • everything's broken, everyone's hostile.

Current State: 

Release 0.1.0 (where I ended up after 7 days)

  • There's really nothing interesting to do yet.
  • Access help with "?"
  • You can pick things up and drop them.
  • You can't equip anything :(
  • You can attack things by walking into them. They'll attack you back, even if you walk away.
  • There's lighting, but it's just experimental. Click to place lights.

Development log